Wonderchef Turbo Food Processor – Cutting | Slicing | Chopping | Mincing

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Wonderchef Turbo Food Processor is for all your Peeling and slicing needs in Kitchen use
Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor with Peeler (Black).

It is An all in One Mechanical Food Processor with dual speed mode.

It can chop vegetables, slice fruits, mincemeat, mix the dough and do a variety of other tasks with relative ease and minimal effort.

The first gear set is ideal for chopping t hard vegetables as it generates more power, while the fourth one is ideal for shredding as it enables a faster action.
It is made of high-impact molded polycarbonate plastic and sturdy stainless steel
A highly durable product since only superior quality components and materials are used.
It has got a sharp chopping blade, a slicing platform with julienne blades and a whip blade
The first gear set is ideal for chopping through hard vegetables as it generates more power, while the fourth one is ideal for shredding as it enables a faster action.
prepare tasty dishes for your entire families like sabzi preparation, fruit salads, vegetable salads, desserts and more.
The sturdy and smooth design helps you get consistent results every single time, making cooking an absolute pleasure.


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