How to Make a Chinese Floating Lantern? | Chinese Sky Lanterns

How to Make a Chinese Floating Lantern? | Chinese Sky Lanterns

Posted on 10 October, 2016      2474 Views

How to Make a Chinese Floating Lantern? Floating Chinese lanterns is also known as the Chinese sky lanterns. It is built with light paper constructed with tissue paper on a framed bamboo, which are open to the floor. The floating lanterns are a commonly found in many countries in Asia. Although the construction may seem complex, you can learn easily to make the floating Chinese lanterns on your own.

The equipment needed to Make a Chinese Floating Lantern:

  • 4 sheets of white tissue paper
  • 4 sheets of blue tissue paper
  • Paper flame retardant spray
  • Brown craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • 50-inch bamboo strip
  • Florist wire

Create flying candle lanterns

Tie the fabric on a fixed knot. Carefully cut the end pieces, so they are approximately 1 “(2,5 cm) on each side.” The ends will certainly become the Wicks of the candle to the floating lantern as flame propels hot air balloon.

The 24 “(60cm) two pieces of floral wire through the tight knot.” The two parts together must be overlapped at right angles to their centers in the knot.

Wrap the cord around the knot and tighten to secure. Four cable ends must be approx. 9 “to 10” (23-25 cm) long on each side to be long enough to reach the light bamboo frame. Place the wire wrapped knot aside.

Place the candle on a lighter or to melt the wax in a liquid state. You must also place a dish or a pan under the candle melts to catch the wax as it melts.

Put the knot in the hot liquid wax and allow it to soak for three to five-minute.

Remove the newly created wick in wax because the wax hardens when it cools.

Wrap strips of aluminum foil to the knot in the center of the wick. Twist the ends of the strip of foil around the wire so they completely cover the cord.

Construction of the structure of Bamboo and the Candle.

  1. Cut three bamboo skewers in half lengthwise using either a razor blade or a utility knife. Iterate through the time of split bamboos subtly turn the flame of a candle; this will facilitate the work of curvature and you should be able to form a full circle in less than five minutes.
  2. Line the split bamboo up end to end on a table to make a single long strip. The lower end of a skewer should establish the connection point to the end of a skewer another overlay 1 overlap “(2,5 cm).”
  1. Secure the overlapping connection points together with non-flammable tape.
  • Bring the part top right and left of the strip long together. Once again, creating an overlap of 1 “(2,5 cm) with the tips.”

Secure the tips together with adhesive tape to make a circle.

  1. Glue the ends of the foil-wrapped threads, wicks to opposite sides of the structure of bamboo sticking out.

Wires should cross exactly in the center of the circle so that the circle is divided into four equal quarters. The candle should be focused in the center of the circle and supported by the wires, which are associated with a bamboo frame.

  • Turn the wire around the frame or structure. Wrap the connections with duct tape to make them safer.

Paper fire protection or fireproofing the paper

  1. 16-20 pieces of paper kitchen towel (or about half of the tissue) hanging on a clothesline with clips (peg).
  2. To catch every drop, give a plastic or canvas under the paper.
  3. Spray both sides of each piece of paper well with the spray of fire protection. Avoid spots where the tweezers to dry, otherwise, the paper will tear.

Allow the pieces to dry before continuing to work with them.

Creating a pattern for the balloon

  1. Draw a line vertical of 40 “(CA. 1 meter) long down the half of the brown paper craft.”Use a tape measure or ruler to accurately measure the line.
  2. Draw a line horizontally 12 “(30cm) at the base of the line vertical.” The line must be perpendicular to the vertical line and the base of the vertical line must touch the midpoint of the horizontal line, the “(15 cm) 6 on both sides of the vertical line.”
  3. Trace a second horizontal line, the “(1/2 metro) is 22 about two-thirds of the shape of the vertical line.”The second horizontal line should be parallel to the first, and the vertical line must cross through the center of the horizontal line, so it has 11 “(28 cm) on both sides of the vertical line.”

Connect the two horizontal lines with a line that sketch curves gently inward before the meeting of the vertical line. The line should extend from the right side of the lower horizontal line, with curve inward and then routes the right end of the line second horizontal.

Draw a second line reflecting or mirror line that has to connect the top left of the two horizontal lines.

Sketch mirroring lines that connect each end of the upper horizontal line to the top of the vertical line. This will finish the shape of your pattern, which should look like the pointed blade of a tropical ceiling fan.

Cut the shape that you’ve drawn out of the brown craft paper using scissors. This shape will serve as the pattern for creating your balloon.

Lay the 16-20 fireproofed paper pieces on a flat surface.

  • Set out two rows consisting of 16-20 pieces of kitchen paper towel (or 8-10 pieces of tissue paper).
  • The top, shorter width of one row of papers should touch the bottom, shorter width of the other piece of row papers.
  • Overlap the connected ends of the papers by about 1″ (2.5cm) so that you can glue them together.
Use a non-flammable glue to seal the overlapped ends of the papers together.

Allow the overlapped seams to dry while they lay on the flat surface. When gluing the paper, gently spread it out do not blot this way, you can avoid glue marks in the paper (and blotting can cause weakening in the balloon body’s adhesion)

Lay one 2-piece panel of paper towel/tissue paper over the brown craft paper pattern.

Center the pattern piece beneath the paper towel/tissue paper and cut the paper towel/tissue paper with scissors so that it matches the exact size and shape of the pattern that you’ve placed beneath it.

Connect the pointed tips of the paper towel/tissue paper panels together.

Glue the tips together so that they are secure, leaving the base open to create a large bag.

Attach the opening of the paper bag to the bamboo frame. Tuck the frame about 1″ (2.5cm) inside the opening of the bag.
Fold the end of the paper bag upward to cover the frame.
  • Glue the folded end to the inside of the balloon to secure the frame to the balloon.
  • Allow the glue to dry completely before attempting to launch the lantern.

Light the wicks, which are the ends that protrude from the wax-dipped knot, and hold the lantern for a few seconds until the wicks catch fire completely.

  • Make your wish. Then, let go of the lantern.


Use wax paper under a tissue paper, when gluing so to avoid paper sticks to your work area.

Do not use hot glue for this project. The temperatures in the lantern will cause the glue to liquefy and the lantern will come apart.

Exercise extreme caution when flying the lantern because it contains an open flame that may ignite anything it comes into contact with. Make sure not to use the too much-burning material so that the flame life is only a minute or two.

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