Which Smartphone should i buy? Consider smartphone by features.

Which Smartphone should i buy? Consider smartphone by features.

Posted on 28 March, 2017      640 Views

Are you in a dilemma on the question which smartphone should I buy?
Then by the time you finish reading this article, definitely you would come to a conclusion.

Which Smartphone should i buy?

Consider Smartphone by features:

1) Mode: – Mobile Phones operate in three modes. They are:

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • Dual band mode

Analogue:- As the name suggests these phones use analog signals for transmission and reception.

Pros: These phones are very cheap when compared to other mode phones.The signals are continuous and steady.
Cons: Suitable only for basic use.Data cannot be encrypted. So online usage is risky.
Select this mode of a phone, the purpose of purchasing the mobile phone is mainly for calling and messaging and a very limited use of the internet. ( you can keep this type as an additional phone for calling and messaging only since they are very cheap.They are very handy. )

Digital:-In this mode of phones signals are transmitted in encrypted form.
Pros: Clear voice and pictures. Suitable for online usage since data is encrypted before sending. Generally, comes with Long Battery life.
Cons: Cannot work properly where signals are very weak. Hence this mode of a phone is not suitable for persons who change locations frequently.

Dual-band:- This mode of a phone can go from Digital mode to analog mode when digital signals are weak. Now a day’s most phones come in this mode.

As you would have decided which mode of the phone to buy let us proceed with other characteristics.

2) Best Operating Systems for your Smartphone:

There are 4 major operating systems used worldwide nowadays they are:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS
  • Windows.

Android:- It is one of the most widely used Mobile Operating System. It comprises of many middlewares and key applications. Users can download an array of applications of their choice.
A large number of Mobile companies are using Android operating system.
Since it is open source software, thousands of applications are evolved over time which took the Android system to a highly advanced level.
Cons:-The only adverse that can be said is Frequent updating of the software.

BlackBerry:- If you dislike touchscreen navigation and prefer the use of Physical Key Board you can go for this.
Cons:- Slow operation. Not suitable for persons who go online a lot.

iOS:- If you are in possession of Apple Electronic Devices, go for this system. It gives seamless customer experience.
Cons:-Since it is closed propriety system, it is less flexible than Android.

Windows:- Windows Mobile phones comes with a mobile-optimized version of internet explorer for browsing and exchange.
Windows Phone home screen has got a tile-based interface. Each square shaped section has a definite function and these squares are removable or interchangeable. It has got hubs which can group all photos that are photos from Facebook, photos from our camera all in one group. This facility can be used for music, document etc..
Easy integration with common Microsoft programs such as Office, Powerpoint, and other productivity tools.
Cons:- Blue tooth transferring of audio files is not possible.

Consider Smartphone Design and Shape while buying.

You have to hold your Phone in your hand when using. So select a model you feel comfortable when you hold it in your hand. For that visit a nearby mobile store and experiment physically by holding phones of different size, shape and design and shape.

Now we have selected the mode, operating system, the design and shape of our Mobile phone.

Next, let us explore what all Features our mobile phone must have.

a) Camera: If you are not a professional photographer or do not want to edit photos professionally, move with the average. Most recent smartphones come with an 8-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel secondary camera which is a good standard. Visit a nearby Mobile store and take 2 or 3 photos yourself and check the quality and satisfy yourself.

b) Screen Resolution: If you want to watch TV shows, cinemas and videos regularly you can opt for higher screen resolution. Otherwise, save some money by going for an apt resolution for you.

c) Screen Size: If you want to Watch Movies and TV Shows on your mobile regularly, go for higher screen size. Otherwise, move to the average. (Most smartphones have a bigger screen size now a day.)

d) Data Plans: select from 2g, 3g, 4G, and LTE
4G and LTE give you the speediest data transmission.
But it can be expensive. Some operators give wifi only plans for calls and message. But you have to be within the wifi area.

e) Operator: Choose an operator(sim) who charge reasonable rates for talk, text, and data. Take into consideration of Roaming charges if you are an ardent traveler.

f) Battery Life:
If you use your mobile phone for a variety of actions and also for a considerable time daily, you require a phone with long battery life. Otherwise, you can go for less battery life and save money.

g) Brand: Select a most reliable brand of Mobile in the market.

h) Service Center:- Please check how far is the Service center of the mobile brand you are going to buy and also the quality of their service.

Hope you have now come to the decision on the query ‘which smartphone should I buy?’


Frequent phone droppers go for shockproof and Guerrilla Glass. Whose work is associated with water, Or very near to water go for waterproof Model?
Now we have covered most of the prerequisites for selecting a smart mobile. Come to a decision with additional specifications different to you that would have come to your mind while or after reading this article. The main aim of this article is to give direction to your thoughts or questions when you are in a dilemma on which smartphone should I buy?

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